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All of us have something to share and learn from one another. Our different backgrounds, races, and beliefs can find common ground even in the smallest of ways. This collection of inspirational quotes is designed to help you find direction on your life’s journey. 

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Written in a format to give you an inspiring quote a day, this book provides daily interludes that are insightful, meaningful, and comforting. I was not only able to relate to the many different themes of the book, but I was able to draw from personal experiences of healing, religion, service, and family along with my reading. I highly recommend this book to those who value insight from others who have seen and experienced the throes of life and the struggles that accompany it. It’s a great read that will leave you thinking about your own inspirations - which can conveniently be jot down on the provided “notes” pages. Well done!  - Stephanie Purvis

As husband to the author, I spent a great deal of time reading these inspirational thoughts throughout the writing process. The author has an amazing way of communicating feelings and deep truths in short, easy-to-digest interludes. In fact, the more I thought about some of the daily writings, the deeper the the truths that were revealed. I love the format for daily inspiration but especially love that each writing is multi-layered and when meditated on, reveals deeper meaning. Having been a witness to the author's creative process, I know the tremendous labor of love this book is. I hope many others will find it an inspirational as I do.  - Dale Wolf 

I find this book to be inspiring. I can't help but to become submerged in my feelings and thoughts with many of the interludes. I feel moved and inspired, while at the same time not alone.  - Anabel Morris

I really enjoyed reading this book over my morning coffee! Its collection of daily inspirational quotes really gives you a good mindset for the day and something to think on throughout it! This book of inspirations covers multiple themes. A small list of these themes include: Military, Christianity, Children, and Healing to name a few. I really enjoyed that the author gives a few pages for notes at the end of each theme. It was nice that as you take in each day, you can jot down a few thoughts about them or how it made you feel at the end of the day. I feel like each person that reads this book can take away something different from it. I found myself thinking about my own struggles through life and how I should take a second look at them and see them in a new light. These daily inspirations truly uplift the soul and give you the perfect daily meditation. Fans of Chicken Soup for the Soul are sure to love this book! I really enjoyed every inspiration in this book and have tons of favorites tabbed throughout it! Definitely a 5 star read from me!!  - Laura Wolf,

Absolutely incredible read. After I read it I gave it to my mother to read as well. Quite interesting how she blends together the different aspects of the book. Enchanting and definitely inspiring.  - Juleah Aiken

Wonderful read and so inspirational. Angelica Wolf has captured what I think is most important in life-God, the need for personal responsibility and integrity, and common sense/rational thinking-that can be used to remind us and explain to others. Loved the section on support of our military/veterans. Highly recommend it.  -  Laurie Wood-Peters

I found this book very uplifting, an easy read, and applicable to all parts of life! Take the time to read it and digest it for a little bit, you’ll be surprised!  - Erick Navarrete

I loved the book! Each page has an excellent reflection in your daily life. I highly recommend it. - Amazon Customer

What an incredible book of encouragement and inspiration to lift one’s soul! It is a very easy read with distinct sections of passages to draw from. (There are even note pages at the end of each section.) DO be sure to read Angelica’s preface first. Angelica pens an incredibly open look into who she is plus the how and what motivated her to create this book. Angelica certainly had to overcome hardships and loss early on. Angelica felt spiritually compelled to pen this book and after reading it - I can see why. Given the cover of this book, I would hope she does not mind my quoting one of her passages: “In some ways, our lives are like a tree. We take a long time to grow, and we have to depend on the mercy of nature to provide the sun and water we need to flourish. We must face each season in its turn, a time of planting and blooming and a time of falling leaves.” This is more than a book of inspiration - it is a book, when taken to heart, of growth and fulfillment. - KDiehl  

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